What’s In Your Cycling Tool Kit?

Cycling adventures can include a day out or a race to the finish. In either scenario, the parade can quickly get rained on if there is a breakdown along the way. Much like cars, Bikes experience technical difficulties resulting in loss of time or being stranded where you stand. Being prepared for mishaps or unforeseen circumstances can save the day and a few Bike shop dollars down the road. Most Bicycle patch-ups are easy to do on your own unless they require skilled repairs. You typically will not have to tote the whole toolbox for minor issues. A small tool kit can be neatly stowed under the seat with the necessities for fixing your Bike on the fly.

Treading Tires

Punctures, slices and resulting loss of air pressure will bring your ride to a screeching halt. A spare tube  and tire patch is beyond essential while you are on a run. It can quickly get you moving again if you have a small pump wit you. If you do not then a small trip to a nearby air pump location will be your next stop. As a side note, take the time to investigate the tire and tube before determining if you need a patch or an entire replacement.

Bike Leverage

A tire lever is most handy when pulling the tire off of the rim. Tires fit snug against the metal making it difficult to remove. The Lever is small and compact and is on average no longer than a finger length. Two ends will each have its own use. While on is able to wedge, the other has a hook to pull when its partially removed.

Pumping Air

We touched on pumps earlier, yet now it is time to stress the importance of them. Rising to call, manufactures have made pumps small, compact. Special brackets are available allowing pumps to be attached right to your Bike frame. They are easy to use on the roadside which is helpful to stay safe and keep momentum in a minimal amount of time.

Pumping Air

Pumping Air

Multitasking Tool

The key to survival in the wilderness is claimed to tribute the right multitasking tool. You made not need a can opener on your Bike; however you can make use of the other varieties offered. Having a series of allen wrenches, screw drivers, wrench or pliers and a chain tool sounds like the whole cycling enchilada. Efficiently travel sized, it is a simple tool to store and use.

Extra! Extra!

It never hurts to have an extra nut or bolt laying around. In the event of a snap or breakage, zip ties or tape can rig it long enough to get home. Small links for your chain and lubricating tubes of oil are meant to correct any chain related concerns. Keeping a brake line or cable within arm’s reach is a pro tip to cycle by.

Having cycling tools of the trade on hand can reduce additional stresses on your trip. Racers and Hobbyists both have the same safety goals in mind when they venture down the road. A cycling tool kit is the smartest way to ensure safe travels on your Bike run.