What to Look for Buying a New Bike – Part 2

The second part of our cycle to find the ultimate new machine delves into how to properly test different models and how to make sure the machine is the right fit for your body. No matter which of the three types of bike you opt for (road, off-road, hybrid) don’t be talked into buying a bike that is the wrong fit for your body.

Fit for Purpose

If you have been talked into buying a new cycle that is incorrect size for your body then your ride will be miserable. There are four main adjustments that can be made to a cycle to adapt it to suit any body size and your new bike must be able to accommodate them.

Seat height, handlebar height and reach and saddle position. Any good machine must be able to adjust these four main areas for the best fit. A good cycle shop will have somebody that can take your exact measurements and make sure the bike fits perfectly, this may mean swapping parts from other machines.

Test as Many Bike as You Can

Buying a bike is like buying anything, don’t just go out and buy the first model that you see. A good idea is to take your old bike with you and tell the mechanic what you like about it and what you don’t. The cycle industry has been developing at lightning pace and since you last purchased a bike you will be amazed at the many options available nowadays. Try as many bikes as you can, list what you like and what you don’t and then come to a decision based on good research.

A way of doing this is by taking your list and reducing it to no more than three models which also fit your budget. Then do not be shy, take all three out for a good road test for at least twenty minutes or so. Make sure the machines have already been adjusted to your specification as this will put the machines on a level playing field. Whilst on your road test, wear the same clothes as you would use when putting the bike through its normal activities. You will find that riding a bike in a suit is very different to that of taking a spin in a pair of shorts.

Go for the Personal Touch

Even though it is tempting to save money and buy online or at a large warehouse, you will get better ongoing service for a local bike shop. Not only will they be happy to make the necessary adjustments they will probably throw in free services and such like.

A local cycle shop does far more than selling bikes, it will normally be at the center of things like bike clubs and arrange events and group rides. By buying locally you will join the community of riders in your area, and explore new rides and meet new friends.

When purchasing your new bike take your time, a good bike will last for years if you have chosen well and look after it. If you buy from a local bike shop then they are most likely to buy it back when you upgrade in the future.