What to Look for Buying a New Bike – Part 1

Everybody remembers their first ever bike, it was probably left under the Christmas Tree and had stabilizers attached to it! But as one gets older and into adulthood buying a bike is not as easy as it sounds. Many people rekindle their love affair with cycling later in life as a great way of keeping fit, but how do you go about choosing a new cycle? What are the attributes you should look for? In this blog we hope to answer these and many other questions. Before you go shopping for your new bike you need to ask yourself a few pertinent questions. Which type of bike do you really need? What are your cycling goals? What type of ground will you be cycling on?

Off Road

If your new bike is purely for pleasure and you wish to go off-roading then you should look at a mountain bike complete with large knobbly tires, big brakes, flat handlebars and suspension that a car could use, this is the ideal bike for leisure cycling off road and on.

Road Cycling

Road Cycling

If you intend cycling to work, then you will probably be spending most of your time either on tarmac or the pavement. If this is so then believing it or not your options are greatly extended. Most of these city bikes have smooth thin tires, a curved handlebar, perhaps some luggage space for the ubiquitous briefcase.

How to Choose

Choosing between the three options might not be as simple as it first seems, there are many manufacturers around the world that offer hybrid cycles that would seem to fit the bill for any eventuality. The bikes are relatively light, have quality drivetrains and reliable disc brakes, ideal for businessmen and people who want something to potter about on. However, if you want to use your new bike as a serious way to get fit then you will need a proper road bike and not a utility vehicle. A road bike is not just restricted to one purpose, many manufacturers are now making road bikes with thicker tires, sturdy disc brakes and a more upright position, thus making the once lightweight cycle sturdier.

Your Budget


When looking to buy a new cycle don’t blow your whole budget on the machine itself, although this is a popular temptation. Ask yourself what the bike is for? Then whatever your budget may be, spend only two thirds of it on the actual cycle. The reason for this is that you will need the accessories to go along with your cycling goals, these could include things like water bottles, bottle cages, pump, helmet, padlock etc. As we come to a halt in our first part of what to look for in buying a new cycle, in part two we delve into how you can get the perfect fitting bike and what to look for when you are testing different types of cycles to make your choice.