How to Convert Your Bike

Perhaps you have just bought a new bike, or you are fed up riding in the winter rain, whatever the reason you may like to convert your outdoor bike into a stationary indoor bike and in this blog, we look at how to do it. By making an indoor static bike out of your old outdoors cycle will bring benefits: not only does it allow you to exercise indoors out of the inclement weather, you can ride the bike that you are accustomed to.

Equipment Needed

Firstly you will have to go out and buy a bike trainer, this is a piece of kit that elevates the rear wheel of your bike off the floor and stabilizes the machine. The market is full of such gizmos, and they range in price considerably, so choose wisely.

Most bike trainers come in one piece and fully assembled, so you will not need an expensive tool kit to rig one up. All you need to do is place the rear wheel of your bike into the trainer, for the first time you will need to unscrew the clamps to force them wide enough to accommodate your back wheel. Then tighten up the clamps until the wheel is secure, but not too tight. You will also need to adjust the resistance on your trainer, this is also done manually, normally by hand. Sometimes this is possible whilst still sitting on your saddle, but cheaper trainers do not have this facility. Finally it is worth considering a riser block, normally just a piece of plastic or laminated wood that your front wheel rests on, this will make the whole bike more stable.

Find a Place to Train

You need to earmark a place that your new static bike can be left undisturbed and will give you enough room to exercise. An airy bedroom with a solid floor, or a spare garage is ideal as there will be plenty of ventilation and the temperature should match the outside. Your bike and trainer must be solid, make sure the whole apparatus is stable and not moving before you get on the bike. Simply try rocking the whole thing, if you get movement then adjust accordingly.

Types of Bike Trainers

There are four main kinds of bike trainers to transform your outdoor bike into a static indoor one for exercise: magnetic, wind/fan, rollers and electronic, hence the wide price range. They all use more or the less the same concept of resistance but have different ways of achieving it. Rollers are definitely for the more advanced rider and if you are just starting out, they are perhaps not for you.

The main advantage of using your outdoor bike as a piece of training equipment is that you will be putting the miles in your tank with the actual machine that you will be racing on. This brings terrific mental and physical benefits, you will become a part of your machine both in training and when racing. And it does not matter what the weather throws at you, you can continue your training regime come rain, sun or hail.