Endurance Cycling Strategies

Riding endurance races does not need just stamina and really good health, it also is critical to have a good strategy during the entire race. In this blog we look at the strategies you must focus on not during the race itself, but as a way to prepare for the big day.

We take for granted that you have already studied the course and have been training specifically for the event. Also, that you have developed the correct muscle groups and stored enough energy in the tank to endure the physical challenge that is coming your way. Following are other key elements that you must address to have a chance of winning.


Like a marathon in running, an endurance cycle race will demand the utmost from your body, it is vital therefore that you cram as many nutrients in your body as possible. An endurance racer can easily burn up seven thousand calories just in one day, plus 9 grams of carbs per kilo.

Most of the calories that you will consume while racing will be from the carbohydrates, that way energy levels can be kept consistent during the race. You will have to eat whilst you are riding so the choice of foods must be kept in mind.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping enough fluids in the body is quite difficult for an endurance rider, and it takes a bit of practice to do so. The hydration process must take place at least a couple of hours before the race, drink half a liter of fluids that are high in carbs and sodium.

Work out what you will need whilst riding the course, roughly you will consume a thousand milliliters of sodium and carbohydrate fluid every hour and this need replacing. You must stay properly hydrated so you do not suffer body fluid loss. This prevents heat exhaustion and will help to keep plasma at the correct levels.

Prepare Your Bike

Looking after yourself is not the only necessary task, you must prepare your bike as well. Your bike must be adjusted for the race and fit you perfectly. The position you take on your bike is critical for the transferal of your energy as you ride.

Fitting the bike to your body is crucial, everything should be in balance; height, weight, reach and flexibility. Most riders learn how to do this themselves but it is worth consulting a professional as a second pair of eyes can catch something you may have missed and is stopping you performing at your very best.


Finally, you must consider the after-race and the condition of your body, having undertaken such an ordeal. If you do not make sure your body is properly hydrated and rested after training and races, you will suffer in the long term. The advice is to weigh yourself before and after a race, calculate how many pounds in weight you have lost and replace them with two cups of water per pound.

These tips will help you prepare, race and recover as you enjoy your bike endurance racing and pastime. For nutrition, hydration, and sleep it is best to get into a routine during training and races, and don’t forget an important part and that is to take sufficient breaks from all this activity.