Cycling Versus Swimming in the Cardio Race

Possibly the best two forms of aerobic exercise that you can undertake are cycling and swimming, they offer excellent alternatives to those that do not like running. In this blog we look at an old age question, which is better for you: swimming or cycling? For convenience, cycling has the edge as it is really easy to just hop on your bike and pedal down the road.  You can also exercise on a bike indoors on a static machine without even going out of your house.

Comparing Calories

Swimming is an all over body workout whilst cycling is mostly for the lower body and the quadriceps. And swimming is an excellent exercise for burning up calories, it is estimated that a normal person swimming freestyle slowly would burn over 510 calories in an hour, to do this on a bike you would have to be riding faster than 10 mph.

Heart Rates

In both disciplines, when participating fast, your heart rate would not be as high as running. In the case of swimming, this is because the water has qualities that soothe the heart – it is cool and buoyant, so it is easier for the heart to get the oxygen to the muscles. Cycling also benefits from being a weightless activity, and sports scientists have shown that in the triathlon, when the athlete is cycling, his heart rate is ten beats lower than when running.

Keeping Track

It is always good to monitor your heart when exercising, obviously it is far easier to monitor your heart when riding a bike than swimming. A cyclist can easily wear a chest device with the monitor displayed on the handlebars the whole time. A swimmer can only realistically do this when they stop to rest.

Make Your Own Choice

The very best exercise is one that you will continue to do, and that is because you like doing it. The choice between swimming and cycling is not a tough one, both are excellent for your health and both are so different from each other.

And you probably learned the both at a very early age and it will come naturally, but to be proficient at either and to be confident in competitions, many hours of training will be required. Both forms of activity are ideal for a good aerobic workout as they get the heart to pump blood around the body.

They both are extremely good for the joints and muscles, as all the weight is taken off the joints, unlike running on the road. Both sports are relatively cheap to enjoy and so everybody can participate, unlike, say, playing golf at an expensive private club.

The real point is that it does not really matter if you swim or you cycle, both are wonderful ways of keeping fit and good for meeting new friends. Participate in a sport that suits your body and that you have a passion for, that way you will persevere and keep on doing it. The more you enjoy the sport, the better – try and involve your friends and family too, encourage each other to exercise and give support.