Cycling for Health – Part 2

In part one of the blog of how cycling is really good for your health we looked at many benefits going for a quick spin on your bike including, building muscles, better wellbeing, weight loss, and better lung health. In our second part we look at even more great ways that cycling improves your health including even your sex life!

Time Saving

In our busy and hectic world time is a really important factor. Getting to an appointment on time could be critical for many things. And one of the great things about getting on two wheels is to save time, there is no need to wait at a bus stop or queue in traffic, just jump on your bike and filter past all the standing traffic.

Carbon Footprint

Looking at things in a grander aspect we are all aware of the issue of our carbon footprints. Traveling by bus, train or even worse car, impacts our environment heavily. The pollution levels we cause with our short commutes to work or the school run are devastating to the environment we all live. Going to work by bike can cut out a great deal of unnecessary pollution, and you will arrive at your destination both healthier and faster.

Improves Navigation Skills

Being cocooned in the luxury of your car’s cockpit with sat-nav and all the other navigational devices puts the driver in a comfort zone where he virtually does not have to think about the direction he is going in.

There is no better finding your way around country lanes and backstreets than by bike, you have more of an idea getting around by buildings and country features than by following an annoying voice from your sat-nav.

Improves Your Sex Life

Sex is great for the body in so many ways, not only does it feel really good it could actually make you live longer. There has been research by the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic that announced that the average person has one hundred orgasms a year, but if you increase that by two it can add another years to the longevity of your lifespan.

Cycling builds up certain essential muscle groups that are also used during sex, the more you develop these muscles by cycling the better your intercourse will be. Added to this is another bonus, cyclists are happy with their bodies and are quite happy to show off their physique in skin hugging lycra. They are confident in meeting new people and having sex.

Better Sleep Patterns

By having a healthy bike ride and gulping down tons of fresh country air your body will yearn to go into a deep and contented sleep. Sleep is well known for repairing the body and boosting your brain power especially as it was filled with fresh blood gained by peddling away on your country ride.

All these health benefits are brought about by the simple act of cycling, and riding your bike does not just benefit yourself. Your partner can enjoy a better sex life, the world will be cleaner and your friends will have the benefit of your company on group rides.