Cycling for Health – Part 1

Many people love taking to open road on two wheels to enjoy the wind whistling past their ears and spotting the great countryside rolling past. But how many people realize that they are undertaking a great healthy form of exercise by cycling?

The benefits of riding a bike are almost as endless as the many roads, trails and tracks that are available both in the city and out in the countryside. There are many health benefits to cycling and this blog explores some of the best.

Mental Well-Being

The YMCA undertook a study about active lifestyles and the survey said that people who had active lifestyles had a well-being rate of over thirty percent of those that did not. Cycling can put you in a better mood in many different way, on a basic level the increase of endorphins and adrenaline from exercise will lift your spirits. Cycling is far different to something such as weight lifting in a gym, it gets you out and about in the fresh air and exploring new sights. Either cycling by yourself or with a group is an enriching experience.

Weight Loss

By burning more calories on your bike ride than consuming the amount coming in will result in weight loss. Depending on how fast you go or what terrain you are riding on, cycling can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories an hour.

Muscle Enhancement

Cycling also develops muscle, it will not build up large muscles as you would by lifting weights but rather will tone and define your leg muscles. The muscle groups it particularly develops are quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and will give you a pert backside.

Cleaner Lungs

If you keep out of the heavy traffic of the inner city then cycling will certainly be good for your lungs, not just in capacity but in cleaning them out. Amazingly a recent study in London was undertaken by fitting pollution devices to a bus driver, motorist, pedestrian and cyclist that all took the same busy route. The results were outstanding, and showed the pollution was five times higher in the motorist than the cyclist.

Reduce Heart Failure

Any aerobic exercise is shown to be good for the heart, and cycling is one of the very best. Going on a good bike ride raises your heart rate and certainly pumps the blood around the body. Cycling is recommended by health bodies across the world as being a healthy pastime to reduce the chances of developing major illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

Low Impact

As a means of exercise cycling is one of the very best as it is low impact. Unlike running where the exercise is weight bearing, cycling is not. Therefore, the weight is taken off the joints when you are exercising so there is minor impact.

A way to lessen any injury whilst riding is to make sure your bike is the perfect fit for your body, and that way you will not be stretching too far. This completes the first part of our ride to discover how good cycling is for your health, in part two we continue our spin in the countryside to see how it may actually improve your sex life.