Cycling for a Cause

Finding a reason to cycle in the fresh breeze of the day is easy to find. There are races to get ready for, practice sessions and of course simply because you want to ride under the sun. Another way to hit the roads is in support of a good cause. Similar to walkathons, cycling has entered the scene with enthusiasm. Gathering riders for events has proven to be simple with most eager to participate. There is a common respect within the cycling world that often goes unacknowledged by onlookers. Truthfully, whether you view it as a trend, sport or hobby, cyclists continually raise the bar for their communities.

With a few different paths to an array of causes, it is easy for cyclists to get involved in three basic types of events. Getting into the mix of one or all three will lend extra time doing what you love with the bonus of additional practice  along the way.

Raising Awareness

The world around us holds several causes of concern. Cycling for awareness gains the attention of others creating an opening for understanding. Busy lives can generate a blind eye to our surroundings. This lessens the responsibility we feel as we assume someone else will fix the problem. Raising awareness for the earth, oceans and our ecosystem is the perfect platform for cycling. Promoting less emissions in the air while conveying the importance of the matter is a dynamic duo for the event. Cyclists are able to raise awareness on any topic needed. Domestic violence, animal welfare or continuing dynamics that effect our future are all popular options to ride for.

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness


On top of raising awareness, organizations have incorporated cycling events to generate funds for a particular cause. The collected charity dollars are used for aid, research and development and obtaining necessities for a specific group or need. Local businesses, companies or sponsors allocate charity dollars for days or miles of the cycling event. This pushes cyclists to exceed expectation often participating in 2 or more days of riding. There are many worthwhile causes and charities to choose from. You can ride for both personal and philanthropical reasons resulting in generous benefits for your charity.

Taking a Stand

In the protesting days of the 60s and 70s, you may recall sit ins from the varying groups involved. Cyclists have conformed from sitting to making a stand on their bicycles. The modern climate is reaching across the political boundaries for a broadened sense of equality, justice and rights. Some events will have a focus of women only or a group-based support of cyclists. Making a statement for lifestyle topics, protest of unfair practices or an impacting current scenario has been seen as the center of certain cycling endeavors. Cycling is an adventure, especially when it is for a good cause. Making a statement as you cycle offers a broadened view of your journey. You can get involved by participating in an event or generating your own. Every step or pedal push in the right direction is a leap of hope for today, tomorrow and the future we choose to create.