Community in Sport

The modern world makes it easy for people to feel isolated, as the rise of individualism has replaced a lot of traditional community structures. This makes it difficult for people to form new friendships and to create significant support systems around them. Historically, sport has been a great way to bring people together and to create new communities. Despite the world’s recent shift in focus towards individualism, sport remains a great opportunity to unite people and forge new connections. (more…)

Benefits of Cycling

It’s true when they say you never forget how to ride a bike. Well, you should never forget all of the reasons you should be riding one. (more…)

Cycling for Health – Part 1

Many people love taking to open road on two wheels to enjoy the wind whistling past their ears and spotting the great countryside rolling past. But how many people realize that they are undertaking a great healthy form of exercise by cycling? (more…)

What to Look for Buying a New Bike – Part 2

The second part of our cycle to find the ultimate new machine delves into how to properly test different models and how to make sure the machine is the right fit for your body. No matter which of the three types of bike you opt for (road, off-road, hybrid) don’t be talked into buying a bike that is the wrong fit for your body. (more…)

What to Look for Buying a New Bike – Part 1

Everybody remembers their first ever bike, it was probably left under the Christmas Tree and had stabilizers attached to it! (more…)

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