Cycling Strengthens The Heart

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Cycling Strengthens The Heart

Unfortunately, western societies have been suffering from so-called affluence diseases for many years. We eat too much and too unhealthily. Sugar, fats and alcohol put a strain on the human body. The consequences of this are obesity and cardiovascular diseases. But there is an easy way to get fit again. Cycling strengthens the heart and is, therefore, the ideal training for our high-performance society. Not just since the global events of 2020 have many people rediscovered cycling for themselves. The industry is happy about record sales. Those who do not buy what is available have to accept long waiting times. But every cycle helps you stay healthy and strengthen your heart.


The Babymaker Fetches $4.7 Million

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The Babymaker Fetches $4.7 Million

E-bikes are a well-known type of vehicle and the popularity of them is growing so fast. It is true that e-bikes cost significantly more than usual bicycles. But it is quite unusual for a new project to be able to collect $4.7 million from investor funds as part of a crowdfunding campaign. Numerous supporters paid a lot of money so the company could build the E-Bike that is a Babymaker. With this considerable sum, the ideas of the operators should now be easy to implement. (more…)

Cycling for a Cause

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Finding a reason to cycle in the fresh breeze of the day is easy to find. There are races to get ready for, practice sessions and of course simply because you want to ride under the sun. Another way to hit the roads is in support of a good cause. Similar to walkathons, cycling has entered the scene with enthusiasm. Gathering riders for events has proven to be simple with most eager to participate. There is a common respect within the cycling world that often goes unacknowledged by onlookers. Truthfully, whether you view it as a trend, sport or hobby, cyclists continually raise the bar for their communities. (more…)

What’s In Your Cycling Tool Kit?

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Cycling adventures can include a day out or a race to the finish. In either scenario, the parade can quickly get rained on if there is a breakdown along the way. Much like cars, Bikes experience technical difficulties resulting in loss of time or being stranded where you stand. Being prepared for mishaps or unforeseen circumstances can save the day and a few Bike shop dollars down the road. Most Bicycle patch-ups are easy to do on your own unless they require skilled repairs. You typically will not have to tote the whole toolbox for minor issues. A small tool kit can be neatly stowed under the seat with the necessities for fixing your Bike on the fly. (more…)

The Fitting Facts of Cycling Helmets

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Safety precautions are the smartest way to be an active part of any sport. (more…)

How Cyclists Beat the Heat

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When the sun is out and the skies are clear, it is the perfect setting for cyclists to hit the roadways. It also presents a setting that be dangerous for them. Hot and bright days call for higher temperatures. (more…)

The World of Cycling

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When it comes to Sports and Fitness, we see trends come and go throughout the years. Once a popular activity takes a step to the side, it is only a matter of time before it has a turn in the spotlight again. Speed walking was the center of attention until running became the new victor. Marathons and events had participants running for the finish. As water bottles were refilled, cycling took over the scene leading in fitness categories with a heightened awareness as a sport. (more…)

When Cyclists are Ready to Race

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It is a natural next step for Cyclists to test their boundaries in a pending race or event. It is common for self-doubts to arise when you contemplate signing up for a competition. Deciding if or when you are ready to move up in the ranks will depend on a variety of factors. While we are our own toughest critic, being able to look closely at the boundaries, limitations and expectations will have the most successful results. (more…)

How to Train for a Century Bike Race

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If you have found that cycling has become more than a work commute and just pottering about at weekends on your bike, you may realize that you are ready to take the next step up and try a century bike ride. A century ride or race consists of riding one hundred miles within half a day, that is to say twelve hours. Many cycling clubs arrange century events to raise money for either charity or the club and this is a great way to get into the event. (more…)

Endurance Cycling Strategies

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Riding endurance races does not need just stamina and really good health, it also is critical to have a good strategy during the entire race. In this blog we look at the strategies you must focus on not during the race itself, but as a way to prepare for the big day. (more…)